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Mini Injecttion Moulding Machine

A small scale injection molding machine with a maximum shot volume of 15ml. It fits easily on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard. If there is no need to mix materials in any type of micro compounder, the injection molding machine can be used as stand-alone.

Now you can test and evaluate new and/or expensive materials and formulations in very small amounts. The core of this laboratory injection molding machine consists of a temperature controlled mould housing for a conical shaped mould in combination with a heated injection nozzle unite. The divisible conical shaped moulds are fitted in to the housing in such a way that opening during injection is prevented

Compounded material is injected into the mould, using a plungerpowered by compressed air. Pressure and time are manually controllable to avoid shrinkage of the molded test sample. The mould is then removed form the machine and opened by hand. The injection unite is easily cleanable and can thus quickly be filled manually with powder or granules.

The standard machines come with two standard moulds. The standard mould geometries include dog bone shaped tensile bars, lzod bars.

Technical specification

  • Cavities: up to 15ml.
  • Maximum shot volume: 15 ml(capacity of removal injection unite)
  • Maximum operating temperature:350 o C.
  • Controlled heating zones: one.
  • Maximum injection force: up to 19 KN.
  • Supply voltage: 208-240 V AC, others on request


  • Custom- made mould design on request
  • Programmable cycle of holding time for pressure.
  • Heating system four mould.