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Petroleum Testing Instruments in India

Petroleum Testing Instruments in India

S.C.Dey & Co. is leading manufacturer of petroleum testing instrument in India for various requirements. We offer various testing equipments like Fuel and Crude Oil Sediment Apparatus, Carbone Residue Apparatus, Cloud and Pour point Apparatus, Density Apparatus, Melting point Apparatus, Fuel and Crude Oil Sediment Apparatus, Smoke point Apparatus, Distillation Apparatus, Water Content Apparatus, L.P.G. Corrosion Test Apparatus etc.

These products are highly used to analyze various petroleum products including lube oil, diesel, gasoline, base oil, crude oil and others to test oil density, viscosity, gravity, oxidation stability, refractive index, and more. Apart from that all machines are made by best technology and highly demanding for both Indian and international areas.

Best Petroleum Testing Instruments

  1. Aniline point Apparatus U tube, Thin Film.
  2. Carbone Residue Apparatus (Conradson & Ramsbottom).
  3. Cloud and Pour point Apparatus & Refrigeration Model.
  4. Cold Test of Motor Fule Apparatus.
  5. Density Apparatus – All Method.
  6. Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter.
  7. Flash and Fire point Apparatus (Able/Cleveland/Penky-Martens open/Closed/Type)
  8. Melting point Apparatus.
  9. Oxidation (Oxygen) Test Apparatus for Lubricating Oil, Transformer Oil. Turbine Oil, Aviation gasoline & Motor Fule.
  10. Fuel and Crude Oil Sediment Apparatus.
  11. Residue on Evaporation Apparatus.
  12. Pressure Pyknometer.
  13. Smoke point Apparatus.
  14. Sulphur Content Apparatus. (Bomb & lamp Quartz – tube Method)
  15. Viscometer Complete (Engler & Redwood. Saybolt)
  16. Thurston Lubricating Tester.
  17. Distillation Apparatus all type & Front view.
  18. Water Content Apparatus (Dean & stark)
  1. L.P.G. Corrosion Test Apparatus.
  2. Rust Preventing Characteristic of Steam Turbine Oil in the Presence of Water.
  3. Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes.
  4. Reactive Sulphur-Cutting Oils Apparatus.
  5. Loss on Heating – Bitumen & Flux Oil.
  6. Kinematic – Bath & all type Viscometer Tube.
  7. Vapour Pressure – Micro Method.
  8. Reid Vapour Pressure Bomb & Bath.
  9. Copper Stripe Corrosion Test App.
  10. Surface Tension Tensiometer (DU_Nouy’s type)
  11. Peroxide Bomb Assembly.
  12. Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes.
  13. Emulsion Characteristics of Petroleum Oil and Synthetic Fluids.
  14. Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Steam Turbine Oil in the presence of water.
  15. Distillation of Petroleum Products.
  16. Hydrocarbone Types is Liquid Petroleum Products by Fluorescent Indicator Absorption.
  17. Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils.
  18. Viscometer Cleaning and Drying Apparatus

Reasons to Choose S.C.Dey & Co. for Petroleum Testing Equipments

  • Experienced more than 50 years
  • Ensuring high quality standard of products
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly utilization and durable
  • Tester are available in various sizes

For more information feel free to query or contact us to get complete details.