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The Trace: For the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (B.O.D).


  • The housing is double walled in construction.
  • Exterior of mild steel finished in double white paint.
  • The 75 mm layer of insulation.
  • Motorized blower firmly installed at the back of the unit achieves the temperature regulation within the range.
  • The cooling system and heaters are situated behind the working chamber and below the blower ensuring efficient temperature distribution.

The cooling system of incubator includes all highly tested, perfectly designed and brand new components particularly sealed compressor controller, refrigerant etc. which employs good value as a HEART of quality.

B.O.D incubator


Environmental chamber is made of thick gauge stainless steel inner chamber and painted/powder Mild steel outer body, insulated properly with mineral wool. Temperature below Ambient is attained by use of hermetically sealed compressor of famous make. Humidity is controlled by wet & Dry bulb sensor using digital controller. Humidity is controlled by stem. Boiling water reservoir, level indicator etc. provided with the unit. Air circulation is designed to produce maximum uniformity of humidity and temperature.

Standard Model Environmental chambers are with temperature range 5 oC to 60 oC and humidity range Room humidity to 95% RH.

humidity cabinet


Construction double walled outer made of thick mild steel. The 2” to 2 1/ 2 gap between the walls filled with fiber glass wool. Outside finished in grey enamel colour. Heating electrically and operated on 230 Volt, 50 Cyls., Ac. Temperature from 5 oC above ambient to 250 oC. Temperature controlled by Digital Temp. indicator-cum-Controller.

hot air oven


Electrically heated, temperature of this water bath is controlled by Digital Temp. indicator cum Controller. Temperature Range, room temperature to 100 oC with accuracy + 0.5°C. It is double walled, inside of Stainless steel sheet, outside mild steel 1 1/ 2” 2” gap, filled with glass wool insulation, painted in grey colour.

water bath


Meets IS, BS, ASTM, ISO, DIN specification. The samples are fixed in jaws/grips (depends on type of Tests) and Pulls/Pushes by Electro-mechanical drive (Screw-electric motor-gearbox-pulleys system). One grip is fixed to a load-cell, Senses the load and other grip is fixed to the moving cross head.

digital universal testing machine

breakdown voltage testere Cigarette Burn cracking resistance
Breakdown Voltage Tester Cigarette Burn Cracking Resistance
gloss meter dimension stability impact tester
Gloss Meter Dimension Stability Impact Tester