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If your need is not listed in our range, please fill free to give us the name or the description of your instument with the standard specifition. We will surely contact back you soonwith your need.

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Laboratory Testing Instruments Manufacturer in India - S.C.Dey & Co.

S.C.Dey & Co., pioneer in testing instrument manufacture in India is celebrating Golden Jubilee Year. It has been a glorious march since 1949 March, when a technocrat Mr. S.C. Dey started manufacturing testing instrument in the back lane of north Calcutta. Looking back one can draw satisfaction from gradual and steady progress to arrive at todays level. From ordinary laboratory testing instrument & spares, the company switched over to manufacturing of sophisticated testing instruments intended for Material & Petroleum Testing in the year 1958. In the same year it got registered with the Government Authority.

Continuous development endeavor and urge for new products led to the manufacture & introduction of testing equipment for Coal / Coke, Soil, Cement etc. in 70's followed by special instrument for testing of Rubber, Plastic, Leather & Packing materials. Present product range consists of more than 300 types of testing equipment, unmatched by any manufacturer in India. Special emphasis on Quality and fair business practice have great impact on Government Department, Industrial Labs, Educational institution etc. as well as all users of quality instruments.

Our Wide range of Testing Instruments:

S.C.Dey & Co. offers various testing machines of superior quality for different sectors. We provide plastic, tensile, universal testing machine, mini injection modeling machine, color fastness tester, Lab Twin Screw Extruder, Toxicity Tester, Weathering Test Apparatus, Cone & Plate Viscometer, Bally Flexing Machine, rubber testing, textile instrument and many more. Our products are suitable for various industries like plastic, rubber, textile, petroleum, packaging, and engineering, to name a few.

Why You Choose Us for Testing Instruments & Equipments?

  1. More than 50 years of experience in providing reliable products and services
  2. Manufacturing supreme quality testing instrument and spares
  3. World class laboratory testing equipments which are safe and easy to use
  4. Trusted by various national and international clients
  5. Finest quality of testing instruments and equipment
  6. Experienced and professional team members
  7. Reasonable price

To know more and looking for any products queries, feel free to contact us or call us at +91 33 2555 8509.

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106-C, Raja Dinendra Street,
Kolkata – 700 004, India

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+91 33 2555 8509 / +91 33 2555 1603

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+91 33 2555 8509

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